How actors learn to perform stunts

Movie insurance companies become applicable when actors insist on doing their tricks. But if they don’t want to lose the star and the star wants to be a specialist, they are willing to pay the price. Or a woman. Before starting a stunt, let’s take a look at two actors who performed stunts based on martial arts training. Jackie Chan said that over time, all the bones in his body broke. Your orthopedist must love you-you are paying for some villas. Chuck Norris is also known for his lack of tracks in his action scenes. He is an undefeated former karate champion and is still pretty tight at the age of 72.
Chan and Norris are known for their martial arts. But what about movie stunts? Dwayne Johnson once talked about his close collaboration with driving school amsterdam Rick Seaman about his role in the movie “Faster.” He mentioned driving 80-90 mph on city traffic. The truck that Johnson brought in shows how he drove the Chevelle (his favorite stunt car) at high speeds. Back.
Since 1973, Rick Seaman has been “Other Guys,” “How to Find the Best Life,” and “Explosion! He is a stuntman in movies such as “Duke”, “After Sunset”, and “Catch Me If You Can”, and is also active in the documentary “Behind the Action: Stuntman in Movies”. He runs the Rick Seaman Stunt Driving School, where Dwayne Johnson learned how to do it. Dwayne Johnson was asked how he completed the horrific struggle known. His reaction was “watch a Clint Eastwood movie.” Think about it, this is exactly the way you can learn it.
The ambitious stunt manager also knows the name of Jeremy Fry, who won two World Stunt Awards at The Bourne Ultimatum and Pirates of the Caribbean: Deadman Chest. Other credits include “Get Smart”, “Confusion with Zohan”, “Indiana Jones”, “Kingdom of Crystal Skulls”, and “National Treasure: Secret Book”. Fly is also a stunt double and stunt coordinator. It is also consulted on Fear Factor TV.
How do you learn to ride stunts? You can spend half a day on the IFPDI course with an experienced driver. Next, learn more about vehicles. Classroom instruction is available to teach you how to slide your heart slowly. But you learn more in the car than in class. One instructor teaches up to 4 students