What Is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Stimulating specific acupoints is thought to improve the energy flow and, by extension, overall health, per Johns Hopkins. It may seem overly simplistic, but it just might be possible through the use of the emotional freedom technique . Just for simplicity, the Ring Finger has not been included in this sequence. For those who may be curious, the meridian involved runs on the opposite side of that finger. I may occasionally include a point on the ring finger while I’m tapping because it’s easier than explaining why I leave it out.

The Body’s Energy System – The Foundation of EFT Tapping

Clinical EFT should only be administered by a licensed therapist. The chin tapping point, located below the lower lip and above the chin, is one of nine acupoints used in emotional freedom technique to release stress and inspire wellness. Once you’ve focused your goal for the session, EFT usually begins by declaring the problem aloud and then proceeding through a series of motions designed to rebalance your body’s energy. The movements of EFT are a series of short, firm taps with the tip of your fingers, focused on various pressure points.

In a clinical setting with a licensed therapist, it may help relieve the symptoms of PTSD, phobias, and other mental health issues. Intuitive Readings, commonly referred to as EFT, is a tapping technique used as an alternative therapy for mental health conditions. By tapping specific points on the body while focusing on the emotional issues they’re addressing, people often feel relief from psychological pain and stress. Below, we provide a more in-depth answer to the question of what is Emotional Freedom Technique, and look at research on its effectiveness. Deborah Courtney is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in New York.

Manifestation Is the Ultimate Goal – With EFT Tools, It’s Achievable

Completers of the follow-up assessments (44%) might not have been representative of the sample as a whole. Because of the small sample size, statistical significance was not obtained for HC or HRV. The reliable measurement of HRV is also in its infancy and requires further validation to be considered a sound procedure. The correlations among psychological measures were calculated to determine their interaction .

Outliers within each group are represented by the black dots. DBP, diastolic blood pressure; HC, heart coherence; HRV, heart rate variability; PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder; SBP, systolic blood pressure; SigA, salivary immunoglobulin A.

EFT sessions can be long or short and single or multiple depending on the needs of the client. While self-treatment with tapping may help some people feel better, it is also important to seek professional help for physical pain or emotional issues. Anyone considering using EFT should speak to their doctor first.

In fact, research suggests that EFT tapping may create changes in the part of the brain that triggers cravings in the body. Brain scans of 15 obese adults who practiced EFT tapping for four weeks showed changes in parts of the brain that activate cravings, according to a small study. Think of what’s bothering you and rate how bad you feel on a 0 to 10 scale (0 means you don’t feel bad at all; 10 means you feel as bad as possible). Create a statement that describes your issue, followed by a statement of self-acceptance. Tap your acupoints while saying the statement, or a shorthand version of the statement, out loud.

Some of these studies are based on a longer form Tapping protocol that was popular prior to this Tutorial. This Tutorial has divided that protocol into easy to use parts but, overall, there is no substantive change in it. One need only put the parts back together to arrive at the original protocol used in previous research. Thus all research using the previous protocol is still valid even though that protocol reflects “Old EFT.” Future research, however, should be based on the protocols advanced in this Tutorial.

If your anxiety level is still higher than 2 or 3, you can do another round of tapping. You can change your setup statement slightly to take into account your efforts to fix the problem or your desire for continued progress. Repeat the setup statement three times aloud, while simultaneously tapping the Karate Chop point. Always begin Tapping on the karate chop point while you repeat the setup statement to yourself.